Begum Korunur Engiz

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In this study, the effect of pilot arrangement on OFDM system performance for different time and frequency selective fading channels is investigated. Pilot symbols are placed in rectangular 2-D pilot pattern in chosen intervals both in time and frequency domain, and corresponding system performances are given in terms of BER. The pilot symbols that give the(More)
In this study, the effect of pilot bit placement on the performance of an OFDM system with comb-type based channel estimator was investigated. Computer simulations were used for this purpose. Least sequares algorithm is employed to estimate the channel at pilot sub-carriers and low-pass interpolation to estimate the channel at data subcarriers. The pilot(More)
As a result of the dense deployment of wireless devices and base stations, measuring and evaluating the electromagnetic (EM) exposure levels they emit have become important to human health especially if they exceed the limits defined in the standards. Base stations, Wi-Fi equipment and other electronic devices are used heavily, especially in densely crowded(More)
In this study, the effect of time selectivity and pilot symbol period on the performance of an OFDM system with block type based channel estimator was investigated. Performance degradation due to pilot symbol usage was determined in terms of bit error rate (BER);the pilot symbol period that gave the lowest BER was defined as the optimum pilot symbol period(More)
As a result of technological developments and consumers' demands give rise to an increase in the number of base stations day by day. Measuring and evaluating the exposed electromagnetic radiation (EMR) levels have become more substantial for human health especially in city centers where base stations are used densely. Thus, in this study, EMR measurements(More)
Increasing demand on higher data rates, makes multi carrier systems popular. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), a form of multicarrier modulation, has been widely applied in wireless communication systems for major advantages. In order to obtain channel state information, and overcome multipath fading channel estimation must be performed in(More)
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