Begoña Villada Moirón

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For NLP applications that require some sort of semantic interpretation it would be helpful to know what expressions exhibit an idiomatic meaning and what expressions exhibit a literal meaning. We investigate whether automatic word-alignment in existing parallel corpora facilitates the classification of candidate expressions along a continuum ranging from(More)
The work in this thesis has been carried out under the auspices of the Beha-vioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) research school, Groningen, and has been part of the pionier project Algorithms for Linguistic Processing supported by grant number 220-70-001 from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (nwo). Preface During the years that I(More)
We applied data-driven methods to carry out automatic acquisition of Dutch prepositional support verb constructions (SVCs) in corpora (e.g., iets in de gaten houden (“keep an eye on something”)). This paper addresses the question whether linguistic diagnostics help to discard noise from thenbest lists and how to (semi-)automatically apply such linguistic(More)
Many NLP tasks that require syntactic analysis necessitate an accurate description of the lexical components, morpho-syntactic constraints and the semantic idiosyncracies of fixed expressions. (Moon, 1998) and (Riehemann, 2001) show that many fixed expressions and idioms allow limited variation and modification inside their complementation. This paper(More)