Begoña Repáraz Romero

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A wide spectrum of glandular epitheliales metaplastic changes may be seen in the bladder. Extensive replacement of the urotelium with an epithelium resembling intestinal mucosa is recognised as a premalignant condition. However, the natural history of intestinal metaplasia of the urinary bladder and long-term outcome are unknown. We report a case of(More)
The authors present a case of hemangiopericytoma of the rectal mesentery, this is an uncommon type of vascular tumor, exceptional in this localization. We analyze the difficulty of a preoperative diagnosis, the lack of specificity of the clinical signs and the importance of the radical resection linked to the biological aggressiveness and the frequency of(More)
OBJECTIVES We analyse the concordance between Gleason scores on prostate biopsies diagnostic of adenocarcinoma and radical prostatectomy specimens. METHODS We reviewed the charts of 214 patients who underwent radical prostatectomy between January 1992 and November 2002. We calculated the percentage of correct diagnosis, understaging and overstaging for(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer screening programs represent an important increase in the number of patients to be evaluated and a higher proportion of subclinical lesions detected in reference hospitals. The authors' experience related to an early detection program initiated in Navarra, Spain (PDPCM) is herein presented. METHODS The diagnoses made in 319 women(More)
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