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Time plays an important role in all aspects of education from scheduling through certification. It is also one of the determining factors within institutions for distance learning where education is almost always time and place independent and for those learners and/or learning institutions making use of e-learning. Be tis as it may, temporal factors has(More)
The use of learning analytics is entering in the field of research in education as a promising way to support learning. However, in many cases data are not transparent for the learner. In this regard, Educational institutions shouldn’t escape the need of making transparent for the learners how their personal data is being tracked and used in order to build(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the results of the first phase of a project called Just4me. The project proposes the design, and development and pilot test of a technological platform that supports a ubiquitous personal learning environment (PLE) designed for lifelong learners across different professional, social and training contexts. In this paper,(More)
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The fundamental aim of this contribution is to analyze the design of learning environments using videogames in schools. This analysis is the result of work done by our research team in primary and secondary education in Spain. Our interest is to analyze how content and strategies in education should be learnt via the use of digital games. During the last(More)
The purpose of this introduction is to provide a brief overview of the articles in this special issue and also a framework for understanding, designing and evaluating strategies for cooperative learning in the workplace and in educational environments. The special edition is divided into two parts—Issue 1: Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in Formal(More)
A multidisciplinary university team (Chilean-Spanish) and teachers at a a public school in the region of Valparaiso (Chile) carried out an initiative to design and implement an educational sequence that, by including the use of the strategy video game Age of Empires in their activities, could mediate curricular learning in the subject areas of social(More)