Begoña Fuster

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A total of 231 patients with atheromatous ulcerations of the carotid artery and obstructions due to critically stenotic plaques or kinks underwent reconstructive surgery mainly of the internal carotid artery, under general anesthesia, normocarbia, and without increasing the systemic blood pressure. Continuous electroencephalography and phot pulses from the(More)
The authors present their animal experimental work on adipose tissue as an occlusive agent, using the renal and carotid areas as parenchyma in which to test its effect. Work was planned in four series: the first with a survival rate of 24 to 72 h, the second with a survival rate of 7 to 18 days, the third, 45 to 58 days, and the fourth, 58 to 90 days.(More)