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Lindolefia stylosa (Kar. and Kir.) is an important medicinal plant in Central and West Asia. Compounds 1 (ethyl lithospermate), 2 (methyl lithospermate), 3 (lithospermate B), 4 (rosmarinic acid), 5 (methyl rosmarinate), 6 (ethyl rosmarinate), 7 (3-O-feruloyl-6'-O-coumaroyl sucrose), 8 (3-O-feruloyl-6'-O-caffeoyl sucrose), 9 (3,6'-O-diferuloyl sucrose), 10(More)
There are different issues with typing Short Messaging Service (SMS) text in mobiles. Different techniques have been proposed previously that help type faster. We present a new technique for this purpose that uses ‘bigram’ model developed for Urdu language word prediction. Data structures used are optimized and customized for mobiles phones, considering(More)
A series of S- and N-alkylated indolyloxadiazoles 2-7 were prepared. All compounds were tested for their immunomodulatory activity against T-cell proliferation, oxidative burst and cytokine analysis. Compounds 1, 2a, 2b, 2c and 2k demonstrated highly significant (P ≤ 0.005) inhibition on PHA activated T-cell proliferation with IC(50) less than 3 µg/mL(More)
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