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Field bean (Dolichos lablab) contains a single isoform of PPO (polyphenol oxidase)--a type III copper protein that catalyses the o-hydroxylation of monophenols and oxidation of o-diphenols using molecular oxygen--and is a homotetramer with a molecular mass of 120 kDa. The enzyme is activated manyfold either in the presence of the anionic detergent SDS below(More)
This paper reports a study on the hydroxylation of ferulic acid and tyrosine by field bean (Dolichos lablab) polyphenol oxidase, a reaction that does not take place without the addition of catechol. A lag period similar to the characteristic lag of tyrosinase activity was observed, the length of which decreased with increasing catechol concentration and(More)
Telomerase is a specialized reverse transcriptase that contains an integral RNA subunit including a short template sequence. It extends telomeric 3' overhangs and chromosome breakpoints by catalyzing reiterative copying of this internal template into single-stranded telomeric DNA repeats. Here we report for the first time that in vitro the ciliate(More)
NDH-2 is an essential respiratory enzyme in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), which plays an important role in the physiology of Mtb. Herein, we present a target-based effort to identify a new structural class of inhibitors for NDH-2. High-throughput screening of the AstraZeneca corporate collection resulted in the identification of quinolinyl pyrimidines(More)
The bacterial peptidoglycan biosynthesis pathway provides multiple targets for antibacterials, as proven by the clinical success of β-lactam and glycopeptide classes of antibiotics. The Mur ligases play an essential role in the biosynthesis of the peptidoglycan building block, N-acetyl-muramic acid-pentapeptide. MurC, the first of four Mur ligases, ligates(More)
We report here discovery of the existence of two different accretion modes in the high mass X-ray binary pulsar Cen X-3 during its high states. The multiband X-ray light curves of Cen X-3 lasting for more than 3400 days obtained with the All Sky Monitor (ASM) onboard the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) shows many episodes of high and low Xray(More)
We report timing and spectral properties of the transient Be X-ray pulsar EXO 053109–6609.2 studied using observations made with the ASCA and BeppoSAX observatories. Though there must have been at least one spin-down episode of the pulsar since its discovery, the new pulse period measurements show a monotonic spin-up trend since 1996. The pulse profile is(More)
Here we report the spectral characteristics of the high and low states of the pulsar 4U 0114+65 and examine the change in the parameters of the spectral model. A power law and a photoelectric absorption by material along the line of sight together with a high energy cut-off suffice to describe the continuum spectrum in both the states. A fluorescence iron(More)
High Mass X-ray Binary Pulsars (HMXBP), in which the companion star is a source of supersonic stellar wind, provide a laboratory to probe the velocity and density profile of such winds. Here, we have measured the variation of the absorption column density along with other spectral parameters over the binary orbit for two HMXBP in elliptical orbits, as(More)