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Human Activity Recognition is one of the active research areas in computer vision for various contexts like security surveillance, healthcare and human computer interaction. In this paper, a total of thirty-two recent research papers on sensing technologies used in HAR are reviewed. The review covers three area of sensing technologies namely RGB cameras,(More)
People with Cerebral Palsy (CP) suffer from speech, physical and intellectual disabilities. Many augmentative and alternative communication tools (AAC) have been developed and recommended by speech pathologies to improve their communication ability. However, the existing recommended AAC tools seem to be less efficient as they focused on text-to-speech,(More)
The template design problem is a constrained optimization problem originated from the printing industry. It involves printing several variations of a design onto one or more stencil sheets, where the aims are to minimize the number of stencils as well as the overproduction of prints of a particular design. Over the years, exact solution methods have been(More)
This research focuses on developing a real-time communication assistant for the disabled utilizing the biometric information of their facial features. Our targeted community is that with communication disabilities. While communicating effectively is a problem for this community, they have facial expressions and incomprehensible speech that can be(More)
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