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Since year 2003, a wide range of ICT such as laptop, LCD projectors, trolley with speaker and UBS system, as well as software like power point, flash and interactive courseware have been used to support teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science throughout schools in Malaysia. In some schools, extra effort has been made to provide additional(More)
This research focuses on developing a mobile communication assistant for the disabled utilizing the biometrics information recognition in real time. We utilized their face features for our recognition. Our disabled community includes the palsies and autistics that could not make comprehensible speech due to disabilities or difficulties. However they have(More)
—The template design problem is a constrained optimization problem originated from the printing industry. It involves printing several variations of a design onto one or more stencil sheets, where the aims are to minimize the number of stencils as well as the overproduction of prints of a particular design. Over the years, exact solution methods have been(More)
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