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We study the 24-hour spectrum usage pattern in Singapore in the frequency bands ranging from 80 MHz to 5850 MHz. The objectives are to find how the scarce radio spectrum allocated to different services is utilized in Singapore and identify the bands that could be accessed for future opportunistic use due to their low or no active utilization. The results(More)
The arrival and departure of licensed users in the licensed band is a random process. So the channel availability for secondary use or spectrum usage modeling is not an easy task in such scenario. The spectrum measurements for a longer period are useful to characterize and model the spectrum usage. The spectrum usage modeling is the important area of(More)
Although research into blind equalisation has been on-going for more than a decade, the existing blind equalisation algorithms are often inefficient in combating the impairments introduced by mobile communication channels. New and efficient algorithms are hence needed. The performance characteristics of a recently proposed blind clustering technique in the(More)
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