Bedir Tekinerdogan

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Software engineers may experience problems in modeling certain aspects while applying object-oriented techniques [4, 10, 11]. Composition-Filters are capable of expressing various different kinds of aspects in a uniform manner. These aspects are, for example, inheritance and delegation [1] and atomic delegation [2], multiple views, dynamic inheritance and(More)
This paper reports on the third Early Aspects: Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design Workshop, which has been held in Lancaster, UK, on March 21, 2004. The workshop included a presentation session and working sessions in which the particular topics on early aspects were discussed. The primary goal of the workshop was to focus on(More)
We propose a Software Architecture Reliability Analysis (SARA) approach that benefits from both reliability engineering and scenario-based software architecture analysis to provide an early reliability analysis of the software architecture. SARA makes use of failure scenarios that are prioritized with respect to the user-perception in order to provide a(More)
A key issue in the MDA approach is the transformation of platform independent models to platform specific models. Before transforming to a platform specific model, however, it is necessary to select the appropriate platform. Various platforms exist with different properties and the selection of the appropriate platform for the given application requirements(More)
Software architecture modeling includes the description of different views that represent the architectural concerns from different stakeholder perspectives. In case of evolution of the software system the related architectural views need to be adapted accordingly. To synchronize the architectural views it is necessary that the dependency links among the(More)