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The appearance of a particular fabric is produced by variations in both large-scale reflectance and small-scale texture as the viewing and illumination angles change across the surface. This thesis presents a study of the reflectance and texture of woven cloth that aims to identify and model the most important optical features of cloth appearance. New(More)
The E-Textile Swatch Exchange is a platform for sharing physical work samples in the field of electronic textiles. The exchange wishes to emphasize the importance of physicality and quality workmanship in an increasingly digital world. Individuals and collaborative efforts participate in the exchange by submitting a unique swatch design of their own, and in(More)
Typical optimization problems aim to select a single solution of maximum or minimum value from a large space of feasible solutions. For many such problems, feasible solutions are subsets of a global set of elements that meet certain constraints and achieve certain goals. Recent trends in optimization literature have shown a drift from classic optimization(More)
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