Becky Stewart

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Many online human activities leave digital traces that are recorded in natural-language format. The exploitation of this unprecedented resource under a computational framework can bring a phase transition in our understanding of human social behavior and shape the future of social media systems. This thesis describes a computational approach to an(More)
  • Alexa Megan Sharp, Kelly Patwell, Becky Stewart, Stephanie Meik
  • 2007
A typical algorithm for a combinatorial optimization problem is given a static set of input, and finds a single solution. This kind of algorithm cannot be used, however, in situations where the input and solutions change over time due to evolving constraints. This dissertation explores incremental problems, one class of optimization problems that deals with(More)
The E-Textile Swatch Exchange is a platform for sharing physical work samples in the field of electronic textiles. The exchange wishes to emphasize the importance of physicality and quality workmanship in an increasingly digital world. Individuals and collaborative efforts participate in the exchange by submitting a unique swatch design of their own, and in(More)
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