Becky Hsuan-hua Huang

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Two experiments explored two-to five-year-old Mandarin-speaking children's acquisition of classifiers, mandatory morphemes for expressing quantities in many Asian languages. Classifiers are similar to measure words in English (e.g., a piece of apple; a cup of apples), with the main difference being that classifiers are also required when counting sortals(More)
BACKGROUND 'Push' and 'pull' factors motivate Filipino registered nurses (RNs) to leave for employment in foreign countries making the Philippines the leading source country for nurses overseas. OBJECTIVE To assess the current RN-staffing situation in Philippine hospitals. DESIGN A self-administered survey was mailed to a sample of 200 Philippine(More)
The distinction between mass nouns (e.g., butter) and count nouns (e.g., table) offers a test case for asking how the syntax and semantics of natural language are related, and how children exploit syntax-semantics mappings when acquiring language. Virtually no studies have examined this distinction in classifier languages (e.g., Mandarin Chinese) due to the(More)
This study reports an exploratory analysis of the age of arrival (AoA) effect on the production of second language (L2) prosody. Three groups of Mandarin-speaking immigrants (N=10 in each group) with varying AoA in the United States and ten native speakers of English as controls participated in the study. All participants read a paragraph of English, and(More)
Previous studies showed that children learning a language with an obligatory singular/plural distinction (Russian and English) learn the meaning of the number word for one earlier than children learning Japanese, a language without obligatory number morphology (Barner, Libenson, Cheung, & Takasaki, 2009; Sarnecka, Kamenskaya, Yamana, Ogura, & Yudovina,(More)
This study examines the types of errors produced by Chinese learners of English when attempting to pronounce [T] in reading passages and presents a system for automatically detecting these pronunciation errors. The system achieves an accuracy of 79.8%, compared to the inter-annotator exact agreement rate of 83.1%. In addition, speaker-level scores based on(More)
The current study examined the age of learning effect on second language (L2) acquisition. The research goals of the study were twofold: to test whether there is an independent age effect controlling for other potentially confounding variables, and to clarify the age effect across L2 grammar and speech production domains. The study included 118(More)
The count-mass distinction often served as a test case for asking how syntax and semantics are related, whether knowledge of one helps the acquisition of the other. Virtually no studies examined this distinction in classifier languages which supposedly lack the distinction. However, Cheng and Sybesma (1998) argued Mandarin as a classifier language encodes(More)
Sometime over the last six months, your child participated in one of our studies. We are writing first of all to THANK YOU for your participation. We couldn’t do our research without your help and we really appreciate your interest in our work. We also wanted to let you know what what’s been going on at our lab. We are very excited about the recent opening(More)