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A long-snouted predatory dinosaur from africa and the evolution of spinosaurids
Fossils discovered in Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) rocks in the Tenere Desert of central Niger provide new information about spinosaurids, a peculiar group of piscivorous theropod dinosaurs. TheExpand
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Cretaceous sauropods from the sahara and the uneven rate of skeletal evolution among dinosaurs
Lower Cretaceous fossils from central Niger document the succession of sauropod dinosaurs on Africa as it drifted into geographic isolation. A new broad-toothed genus of Neocomian age ( approximatelyExpand
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Affective Responses to Behavioral Interventions.
Until recently, caregivers viewed problematic behaviors in nursing home residents with dementia as disruptive and sought to quell them through physical and chemical restraints. Recent behavioralExpand
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Context dependence in the Interpretation of Questions and Subjunctives، للحصول على النص الكامل يرجى زيارة مكتبة الحسين بن طلال في جامعة اليرموك او زيارة موقعها الالكتروني
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The gendered nature of apprenticeship: Employers' and young people's perspectives
This paper presents quantitative and qualitative evidence on the attitudes of young people (aged 14 and 15) and employers to non-traditional occupational choices.Purpose Gender segregation has been a persistent feature of apprenticeship programmes in countries around the world. Expand
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A Comparison of Oral Ondansetron and Intravenous Granisetron for the Prevention of Nausea and Emesis Associated with Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy.
PURPOSE: To compare the efficacy and safety of oral ondansetron with i.v. granisetron each given as a single dose prior to administration of highly emetogenic cisplatin chemotherapy. PATIENTS ANDExpand
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Ultrashort pulsed squeezing by optical parametric amplification.
We investigate temporal effects in pulsed squeezing by parametric amplification, including effects of group-velocity dispersion. Our calculations show that the local oscillator pulse used to detectExpand
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