Beatriz Vieira Borges

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This paper focuses on a dc–ac resonant power converter using a special sine-wave amplitude-modulation concept with the objective of achieving a linear input–output behavior, low harmonic content at the output, and reduced stages number. This technique can be applied to a wide range of resonant converters’ applications. Sine-wave generation techniques and(More)
This paper presents the theoretical analysis, simulation and design optimisation of a Series Resonant Converter (SRC) working as an interface for inductive coupling. Inductive coupling is needed when the transfer of energy has to be made without any electrical contact. In this case the coupling transformer has to be separable, i.e., the transformer(More)
This paper presents the complete theoretical analysis, simulation and design optimisation of a Full-Bridge ZeroVoltage-Switched Phase-Shift (FB-ZVS-PS) DC-DC converter with an LCC auxiliary circuit, working with a frequency of 250kHz and with an output power of 1kW. The converter uses a voltage capacitor divider to create half of the input voltage in one(More)
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