Beatriz Tupinambá Freitas

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Here, we report the crystallographic study of a lectin from Canavalia maritima seeds (ConM) and its relaxant activity on vascular smooth muscle, to provide new insights into the understanding of structure/function relationships of this class of proteins. ConM was crystallized and its structure determined by standard molecular replacement techniques. The(More)
The primary structure of a lectin isolated from the red alga Bryothamnion triquetrum was established by combination of Edman degradation of sets of overlapping peptides and mass spectrometry. It contains 91 amino acids and two disulphide bonds. The primary structure of the B. triquetrum lectin does not show amino acid sequence similarity with known plant(More)
The seed lectin from Canavalia gladiata was purified and crystallized. Orthorhombic crystals belonging to space group C222(1) grew within three weeks at 293 K using the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion method. Using synchrotron X-ray radiation, a complete structural data set was collected at 2.3 A resolution. The preliminary crystal structure of the lectin,(More)
BACKGROUND Lectins are mainly described as simple carbohydrate-binding proteins. Previous studies have tried to identify other binding sites, which possible recognize plant hormones, secondary metabolites, and isolated amino acid residues. We report the crystal structure of a lectin isolated from Canavalia gladiata seeds (CGL), describing a new binding(More)
A glucose/mannose-binding lectin was isolated from seeds of Parkia discolor (Mimosoideae) using affinity chromatography on Sephadex G-100 gel. The protein presented a unique component in SDS-PAGE corresponding to a molecular mass of 58,000 Da, which is very similar to that of a closely related lectin from Parkia platycephala. Among the simple sugars tested,(More)
Platymiscium floribundum lectin (PFL), a mannose/N-acetyl-D-glucosamine-specific lectin, was isolated from P. floribundum seeds using Sepharose-mannose affinity media chromatography. PFL is a glycoprotein that is a potent agglutinin for rabbit erythrocytes. In addition, PFL is highly stable because it is able to maintain its hemagglutinating activity after(More)
A lectin from Canavalia maritima seeds (ConM) was purified and submitted to crystallization experiments. The best crystals were obtained using the vapour-diffusion method at a constant temperature of 293 K and grew in 7 d. A complete structural data set was collected to 2.1 A resolution using a synchrotron-radiation source. The ConM crystal belongs to the(More)
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