Beatriz Susana Fernández Band

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A direct spectrophotometric method for the determination of three artificial colors--amaranth, sunset yellow FCF and tartrazine--in beverages samples is proposed. The spectra were recorded between 359 and 600 nm. The spectra of the samples (just filtrated), pure dyes (concentrations ranged between 0.01 and 1.8 mg L(-1) for amaranth, 0.08 and 4.4 mg L(-1)(More)
The determination of phenolic compounds is of great importance owing to their high toxicity. Some of them are present in tobacco smoke and it is important for their monitoring in air of closed room. A simple, rapid and sensitive method was developed for simultaneous determination of hydroquinone, resorcinol and phenol in this kind of samples. Synchronous(More)
The aim of this study was to assess metal mobility/availability in coastal surface (oxic) sediment samples from the Bahía Blanca estuary. Particularly, two sequential extraction procedures able to discriminate metals associated to amorphous Fe and Mn oxides and those associated with crystalline oxides of Fe were applied. Sequential procedures differ in the(More)
A simple flow injection fluorimetric method for fluoride determination is proposed. The method is based on the enhanced fluorescence of quercitin-Zr(IV) complex when fluoride ion is present in the sample. An open/closed FIA manifold with a mini-column of Dowex 50W X8 resin was used to remove the most important interference (aluminum). The two FIA assemblies(More)
The lethal and sublethal activity of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) nanoparticles containing essential oils (EO), also the physicochemical characterization, were determined against Tribolium castaneum and Rhizopertha dominica. The 10% ratio EO-PEG nanoparticles showed an average diameter<235 nm (PDI<0.280) and a loading efficacy>75%; after 6 month of storage(More)
A new flow injection (FI) system for the determination of Pb(II) at trace level with a preconcentration step and spectrophotometric detection is proposed. It is based on preconcentration of lead ions on chitosan and dithizone-lead complex formation in aqueous medium (pH 9). The chemicals and FIA variables influencing the performance of the system were(More)
A green FBA method with UV detection was developed for simultaneous determination of ciprofloxacin (CIP) and dexamethasone (DEX) in ophthalmic and otic preparations. A lab-made mixing detection chamber (MDC) was designed and coupled to the spectrophotometer in order to perform the mixing of solutions and the detection in the same receptacle. Only water was(More)
A combination of kinetic spectroscopic monitoring and multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares (MCR-ALS) was proposed for the enzymatic determination of levodopa (LVD) and carbidopa (CBD) in pharmaceuticals. The enzymatic reaction process was carried out in a reverse stopped-flow injection system and monitored by UV-vis spectroscopy. The(More)
The simultaneous determination of levodopa and benserazide in pharmaceutical formulations is described, based on the application of multidimensional partial least-squares regression to the kinetic-spectrophotometric data provided by diode-array detection within a stopped-flow injection method where analytes react with periodate. Flow injection parameters(More)
We describe herein an efficient method for the synthesis of unsymmetrically-substituted biphenyls using a sonochemical variation of the Stille coupling, whose results have also been compared with the conventional silent reaction. Ultrasound significantly enhances this useful organometallic transformation affording products in higher yields and in shorter(More)