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AKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation is the result of research activities jointly financed by the European Integrated Project ALARM (COCE-CT-2003-506675) and the training action Marie Curie in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Leeds. Besides financial support, I owe to these initiatives the opportunity of exchanging my opinions(More)
Human agency plays a key role in the processes of biological invasions. This comprises not only the human role in the configuration of driving forces or in the perception of the impacts, but also the conceptualization of alien species themselves as an environmental problem. This paper examines different stakeholders' positions in bioinvasion processes at(More)
The study described in this article incorporates stakeholders' views on aquatic invasion processes and combines expert analysis with information from field work into an evaluation exercise. Management scenarios are designed based on available technical data and stakeholders' perceptions. These scenarios are evaluated using the Social Multi-Criteria(More)
In their own battles and strategy meetings since the early 1980s, EJOs (environmental justice organizations) and their networks have introduced several concepts to political ecology that have also been taken up by academics and policy makers. In this paper, we explain the contexts in which such notions have arisen, providing definitions of a wide array of(More)
Issues in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity Recent instances for debate Issues in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity-June 2012 Design: Jacques bureau for graphic design (Netherlands) The contents of this report may be reproduced in whole or in part for educational or non-profit services without special permission from the authors,(More)
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