Beatriz Mirás

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Attraction to host plants by adultRhynchophorus palmarum (L.) palm weevils was studied in the field and in the laboratory. Chemical analysis revealed the presence of ethanol and ethyl-acetate in stems of coco palms and in pineapple fruits and of pentane, hexanal, and isopentanol in coco stems. In the olfactometer, the first two compounds and isoamyl-acetate(More)
The GLOBCOVER project delivers a global land cover map at 300 m spatial resolution using MERIS FRS data acquired during the 19 months period from December 2004 until June 2006. As multiple single orbits has to be combined in one single dataset. Therefore, we need to assess the relative and absolute geolocation of MERIS projected products. We describe(More)
Monitoring of terrestrial vegetation from satellites at global and regional scales requires accurate and frequent measurements of surface reflectance. In this context, the POLDER instrument leads a key improvement providing, at high temporal resolution, measurements of the Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function corrected for atmospheric effects.(More)
Five candidate pheromone components were identified by analyzing pheromone gland extracts by gas chromatography (GC), coupled GC-electroantennographic detection (EAD), and coupled GC-mass spectrometry (MS): (E)-11-hexadecenol(E11–16 : OH), (Z)-11-hexadecenol (Z11–16 : OH),(E)-11-hexadecenal, (E)-11-hexadecenyl acetate, and (Z)-3,(Z)-6,(Z)-9-tricosatriene(More)
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