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A good understanding of the systems requirements has a high impact in the successful development of software products. Therefore, an appropriate requirements model must provide a comprehensive structure for what must be elicited, evaluated, specified, consolidated, and modified, instead of just providing facilities for software specifications. Since there(More)
—There exists a real need in industry to have guidelines on what testing techniques use for different testing objectives, and how usable (effective, efficient, satisfactory) these techniques are. Up to date, these guidelines do not exist. Such guidelines could be obtained by doing secondary studies on a body of evidence consisting of case studies evaluating(More)
The manual measurement of functional size is generally very time-consuming and has many precision errors. For this reason, it is necessary to automate the measurement process to obtain a solution that can be applied in a MDA industrial development. The OO-Method COSMIC Function Points (OOmCFP) is a measurement procedure that has been designed to measure the(More)
Many functional size measurement procedures have been developed for applying the COSMIC measurement method to particular methods of software production. A subset of these measurement procedures is centered on the measurement of the functional size of the applications from their conceptual models, allowing the generation of indicators in early stages of the(More)
The measurement of the functional size of applications generated in MDA environments is a challenge for the software development industry. This paper presents the OO-Method COSMIC Function Points (OOmCFP), a measurement procedure that has been designed to measure the functional size of object-oriented applications generated from their conceptual models by(More)