Beatriz M Perez-Sweeney

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Immune mediators associated with human tuberculosis (TB) remain poorly defined. This study quantified levels of lung immune mediator gene expression at the time of diagnosis and during anti-TB treatment using cells obtained by induced sputum. Upon comparison to patients with other infectious lung diseases and volunteers, active pulmonary TB cases expressed(More)
Our understanding of insect development and evolution has increased greatly due to recent advances in the comparative developmental approach. Modern developmental biology techniques such as in situ hybridization and molecular analysis of developmentally important genes and gene families have greatly facilitated these advances. The role of the comparative(More)
The rapid evolution of the HIV genome is influenced in part by host selection pressure, which may cause parallel evolution among strains under shared selection pressures. To understand the mechanisms behind HIV-host immune escape across host populations, researchers have compared signatures of positive selection pressure on HIV codons across HIV subtypes(More)
Understanding the genetic basis of natural phenotypic variation is of great importance, particularly since selection can act on this variation to cause evolution. We examined expression and allelic variation in candidate flowering time loci in Brassica rapa plants derived from a natural population and showing a broad range in the timing of first flowering.(More)
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