Beatriz López

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Dyslexia is a neurocognitive deficit primarily expressed in reading difficulties, but also affecting non-linguistic performance. Several studies report that dyslexics perform differently in the attentional blink paradigm, which indicates an impaired capacity to rapidly shift visual attention. However, attentional shifting can occur at different levels of(More)
AIMS Illicit cocaine consumption in Spain is one of the highest in Europe. Our objective was to study the incidence of undisclosed cocaine consumption in patients attending in two Spanish Emergency Departments for chest pain. METHODS We analysed urine samples from consenting consecutive patients attending ED for chest pain to determine the presence of(More)
In this paper we have studied oxygen uptake of the amygdala, hypothalamus, septal area, anterior cortex (latero-frontal), posterior cortex (latero-occipital) and ovarium in female rats in the oestrous and dioestrous phases with occular enculeation. Our results point to a statistically significant difference in the oestrous phase of the posterior cortex and(More)
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