Beatriz López-Carro

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We studied cacti species of the subfamilies Pereskioideae (five species of the southern clade) and both species of Maihuenioideae using molecular cytogenetic techniques and DNA content. Mitotic(More)
In fresh-water turtles, the bridge connecting the proximal and caudal stumps of transected spinal cords consists of regenerating axons running through a glial cellular matrix. To understand the(More)
Mammalian spermatogenesis is still nowadays poorly understood at the molecular level. Testis cellular heterogeneity is a major drawback for spermatogenic gene expression studies, especially when(More)
Availability of purified or highly enriched fractions representing the various spermatogenic stages is a usual requirement to study mammalian spermatogenesis at the molecular level. Fast preparation(More)
Homogeneity of cell populations is a prerequisite for the analysis of biochemical and molecular events during male gamete differentiation. Given the complex organization of the mammalian testicular(More)