Beatriz Gutiérrez Rivera

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Coleopterans are the most diverse insect order described to date. These organisms have acquired an array of survival mechanisms through their evolution, including highly efficient digestive systems. Therefore, the coleopteran intestinal microbiota constitutes an important source of novel plant cell wall-degrading enzymes with potential biotechnological(More)
The aim was to determine which specific regions of the visible light spectrum were responsible for the induction or inhibition of laccase in Pycnoporus sanguineus. Cultures were exposed to various bandwidth lights: blue (460 nm), green (525 nm), white (a combination of 460 and 560 nm), red (660 nm), and darkness. The results indicate that short wavelengths(More)
  • Alfred Ardila, Jose R Bateman, Aja-Eslava Perez-Gomez, Carmen Rosa Nifio, Elizabeth Pulido Dora, Beatriz Rivera +1 other
  • 2003
A questionnaire designed to assess the prevalence of psychoactive substance use and its relation with: (a) central nervous system risk factors, (b) associated disorders (allergies, migraine-type headaches, developmental dyslexia history, smoking, suicide attempt , and sleep disorders), and(c) cognitive-type symptoms, was given to a general population sample(More)
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