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Coleopterans are the most diverse insect order described to date. These organisms have acquired an array of survival mechanisms through their evolution, including highly efficient digestive systems. Therefore, the coleopteran intestinal microbiota constitutes an important source of novel plant cell wall-degrading enzymes with potential biotechnological(More)
The aim was to determine which specific regions of the visible light spectrum were responsible for the induction or inhibition of laccase in Pycnoporus sanguineus. Cultures were exposed to various bandwidth lights: blue (460 nm), green (525 nm), white (a combination of 460 and 560 nm), red (660 nm), and darkness. The results indicate that short wavelengths(More)
  • Manchikanti, Pampati V Fellows, +22 authors Damron Ks
  • 2004
Role of one day epidural adhesiolysis in management of chronic low back pain: A randomized clinical trial.niques in the management of chronic pain: Part 2.0. The prevalence and clinical features of internal disc disruption in patients with chronic low back pain. Effectiveness of lumbar facet joint nerve blocks in chronic low back pain: A randomized clinical(More)
The infectivity and pathogenicity of a strain of Leptospira hardjo isolated from the eastern plains of Colombia were evaluated. Ten pregnant heifers were artifically inoculated and monitored during 10 months. During the trial, isolation of leptospires was attempted and antibodies were detected by the microscopic agglutination test. Leptospires were(More)
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