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The Role of Alexithymia in Quality of Life and Health Care Use in Asthma
Two dimensions of alexithymia, Difficulty Identifying Feelings and Difficulty Describing Feelings, are complicating factors in the management of asthma, but they operate via different mechanisms and over different outcomes and the effects of aikido remain even while controlling for the confounding effect of anxiety and depression.
Repression and Coping Styles in Asthmatic Patients
The prevalence of repressive coping style in the asthmatic population is similar to that registered in other populations of chronic patients, and it is also associated with the tendency to report a lower use of strategies traditionally considered as maladaptive.
Quality of life in adults with asthma treated in allergy and pneumology subspecialties: relationship with sociodemographic, clinical and psychological variables
Asthmatic patients treated by pneumologists reported poorer HRQL than patients treating by allergists, but this outcome is attributed to differences in several sociodemographic, clinical and psychological characteristics between the two groups of patients.