Beatriz González Beltrán

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  • Instituto Politécnico, Nacional México Pinto, David Vilariño, Darnes Balderas, Carlos Tovar, Mireya Beltrán +7 others
  • 2015
The problem of Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) is about selecting the correct sense of an ambiguous word in a given context. However, even if the problem of WSD is difficult, when we consider its bilingual version, this problem becomes much more complex. In this case, it is necessary not only to find the correct translation, but such translation must(More)
To provide efficient support for collaborative writing to a community of authors is a complex and demanding task, members need to communicate, coordinate, and produce in a concerted fashion in order to obtain a final version of the documents that meets overall expectations. In this paper, we present the PI˜NAS middleware, a platform that provides potential(More)
Organ baths have been successfully used for over a century to study the contractile or relaxation effects of drugs. Indeed, most of our understanding of vascular pharmacology is based on such in vitro studies. However, multiple parallel organ baths that require mechanical transduction consume relatively large amounts of drugs, gases, and buffers, and they(More)
Chromaffin granules are similar organelles to the large dense core vesicles (LDCV) present in many secretory cell types including neurons. LDCV accumulate solutes at high concentrations (catecholamines, 0.5-1 M; ATP, 120-300 mM; or Ca(2+), 40 mM (Bulenda and Gratzl Biochemistry 24:7760-7765, 1985). Solutes seem to aggregate to a condensed matrix to elude(More)
In the context of document indexing/retrieval, a document fingerprint is considered to be a specific code which may be used to uniquely identify this document from the rest of the text collection. Document fingerprinting is a efficient time-complexity mechanism of indexing data, but issues with respect to precision still being on development. In this paper,(More)
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