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A Change in the Rate-Determining Step of Polymerization by the K289M DNA Polymerase β Cancer-Associated Variant.
The data show that Lys289 critically influences the catalytic pathway of pol β, and some of these analogues improve the fidelity of K289M. Expand
Total syntheses of isonaamine C and isonaamidine E.
The total syntheses of two alkaloids isolated from a marine sponge of the Leucetta sp. have been accomplished in 6 and 7 steps starting from a 4,5-diiodoimidazole derivative. Grignard mediatedExpand
Total synthesis and cytotoxicity of Leucetta alkaloids.
The total synthesis of a number of representative natural products isolated from Leucetta and Clathrina sponges containing a polysubstituted 2-aminoimidazole are described, and for comparative purposes a series of naphthimodazole-containing family members are included. Expand