Beatriz Fuentes

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The complexity of the transmetalation step in a Pd-catalyzed Negishi reaction has been investigated by combining experiment and theoretical calculations. The reaction between trans-[PdMeCl(PMePh(2))(2)] and ZnMe(2) in THF as solvent was analyzed. The results reveal some unexpected and relevant mechanistic aspects not observed for ZnMeCl as nucleophile. The(More)
Compared with the detailed mechanistic knowledge of the Stille reaction, little is known about the Negishi reaction. Recently, we experimentally uncovered the complicated behavior of the transmetalation of transACHTUNGTRENNUNG[PdRfClACHTUNGTRENNUNG(PPh3)2] (Rf=3,5-dichloro-2,4,6-trifluorophenyl) with ZnMe2 or ZnMeCl, showing that each methylating reagent(More)
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