Beatriz Clares Naveros

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Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems of gemfibrozil were developed under Quality by Design approach for improvement of dissolution and oral absorption. Preliminary screening was performed to select proper components combination. Box-Behnken experimental design was employed as statistical tool to optimize the formulation variables, X(1) (Cremophor(®)(More)
BACKGROUND Melatonin has attracted attention because of their high antioxidant and anticarcinogenic activity. Otherwise, the use of sunscreens is recommended for patients after chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments or to prevent UV radiation-induced skin damages that may result in pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the(More)
AIM A new paromomycin micellar nanogel based on poloxamer 407 was developed. MATERIALS & METHODS  In vitro release and ex vivo permeation/retention studies were conducted. In vivo tolerance was assayed by transepidermal water loss. Ex vivo cytotoxicity on RAW and VERO cells and antileishmanial activity on Leishmania promastigotes was tested. RESULTS The(More)
Antidepressants have been considered by their analgesic activity in numerous studies, and specifically tricyclic antidepressants to possess the greatest efficacy. Imipramine and doxepin have been reported to exhibit local anaesthetic properties. In order to investigate their cutaneous analgesic effect after topical application a nanoemulsion vehicle was(More)
The development of new drugs using stem cells has become a clinic alternative for the treatment of different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and myocardial infarction. Similar to conventional medicines, stem cells as new medicinal products for cell therapy are subjected to current legislation concerning their manufacture process. Besides, their(More)
BACKGROUND Melatonin is emerging as a promising therapeutic agent, mainly due to its role as antioxidant. Substantial evidences show that melatonin is potentially effective in a variety of diseases as cancer, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases. The excellent antioxidant capacity with pharmacokinetics characteristics and the emerging search for new(More)
Design and implementation of an environmental monitoring program is vital to assure the maintenance of acceptable quality conditions in a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit of human mesenchymal stem cells. Since sterility testing methods require 14 days and these cells are only viable for several hours, they are currently administered without the result of(More)
A spectrofluorometric method has been developed and validated for the determination of gemfibrozil. The method is based on the excitation and emission capacities of gemfibrozil with excitation and emission wavelengths of 276 and 304 nm respectively. This method allows de determination of the drug in a self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) for(More)
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