Beatriz A. Berns

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Zoospore ultrastructure in the green algaFriedmannia israelensis has been studied in detail using serial section and absolute configuration analysis. The zoospores are naked, biflagellate and considerably flattened. In addition they exhibit an asymmetric external shape and an asymmetric distribution of major cell organelles. There is only a single(More)
A micromethod based on the absorption elution technique was shown to be applicable to the detection of M and N blood groups of dried bloodstains on cotton cloth. Each antigen M and N was tested using two different types of antisera. Two hundred different bloodstains, stored up to six months, were analyzed. Conclusive results were obtained for M typing on(More)
This article deals with the carbon nanotubes (CNT) synthesized from a novel precursor, sugar cane and Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO). The objective was to produce CNTs to be used as catalyst supports for Proton Exchange Membranes. The influence of temperature, inert gas flow rate and concentration of the precursor is presented. The CNTs prepared were(More)
A micromethod was developed to allow the analysis of blood stains of minor size by the absorption elution technique. The individual absorption, washing, and elution steps were carried out in Beckman tubes containing 5 microliter antiserum. The final agglutination reaction was read through the inverted microscope in microtest plates regularly used for HLA(More)
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