Beatrix Kleutsch

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In studying the single file model in its discrete as well as in its continuum form the relationship between the phenomenological continuum theory of diffusion and the rate theory approach is analyzed. The single file model in its original form is discrete and represents the most general rate theory model for ion transport through rigid pores in biological(More)
This paper deals with the mathematical modelling of two-dimensional alarm processes randomly spreading, amplifying and switching off within limited distributions of particles (individuals). It has been stimulated by recent studies on the enemy alarm behavior upon disturbance in Australian bull-dog ants (Myrmecia). The alarm within a random distribution of a(More)
Some years ago a theory of non-equilibrium voltage fluctuations in biological membranes was developed (Frehland and Solleder 1985, 1986) under a linearisation condition which is valid for a great number of transport units. In order to get an insight into the stochastic behaviour of such systems, consisting of small numbers of transport units, we carried out(More)
The rotatory motor of bacterial flagella is driven by a transmembrane electrochemical gradient of protons. A model of the flagellar motor is analysed, which is based on the notion that protons passing through the motor use a channel-like pathway formed by ligand groups located partly on the rotor, partly on the stator. Proton translocation is linked to the(More)
Following the theory 'Fluctuations of barrier structure in ionic channels' (Läuger, P., Stephan, W. and Frehland, E. (1980) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 602, 167-180), we constructed a model of a channels with several conformational states. The origin of these conformational states and the source for the transitions from one to the other are given explicitly for(More)
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