Beatrice Primus

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We have investigated in a prospective,randomised placebo-controlled study the effect of high-dose aprotinin on blood loss in patients admitted for major surgery (revision arthroplasty of the hip or knee, or for resection of a soft-tissue sarcoma). The mean intraoperative blood loss was reduced from 1957 ml in the control group to 736 ml in the aprotinin(More)
Die untersuchten Phänomene sind verblose Direktive (wie in " Her mit dem Geld! ") einerseits und sequentielle Nominalreduplikation (wie in " Jahr für Jahr ") andererseits. Die allgemeine Konklusion ist, dass es vermutlich (außer, trivialerweise, Morphemen) gar keine Konstruk-tionen gibt. Der Begriff der Konstruktion lässt sich wie in (1) fassen. 1 (1)(More)
In a reading production experiment we investigate the impact of punctuation and discourse structure on the prosodic differentiation of right dislocation (RD) and afterthought (AT). Both discourse structure and punctuation are likely to affect the prosodic marking of these right-peripheral constructions, as certain prosodic markings are appropriate only in(More)
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