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—In this paper, we propose the use of a multiobjective evolutionary approach to generate a set of linguistic fuzzy-rule-based systems with different tradeoffs between accuracy and in-terpretability in regression problems. Accuracy and interpretabil-ity are measured in terms of approximation error and rule base (RB) complexity, respectively. The proposed(More)
We exploit an evolutionary three-objective optimization algorithm to produce a Pareto front approximation composed of fuzzy rule-based classifiers (FRBCs) with different trade-offs between accuracy (expressed in terms of sensitivity and specificity) and complexity (computed as sum of the conditions in the antecedents of the classifier rules). Then, we use(More)
Situation awareness is a powerful paradigm that can efficiently exploit the increasing capabilities of handheld devices, such as smart phones and PDAs. Indeed, accurate understanding of the current situation can allow the device to proactively provide information and propose services to users in mobility. Of course, to recognize the situation is a(More)
— Situation awareness is a promising approach to recommend to a mobile user the most suitable resources for a specific situation. However, determining the correct user situation is not a simple task since users have different habits that may affect the way in which the situations arise. Thus, an appropriate tuning aimed at adapting the situation recognizer(More)