Beatrice Lazzaro

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14 males with disseminated cancer of breast received a total of 35 endocrine trials, mainly in the form of hormonal supplementation. Overall, a 43% response rate was observed. In particular, remissions occurred in 7 of 11 instances with cyproterone acetate, in 3 of 7 with tamoxifen, in 2 of 5 with estrogens, in 2 of 5 with aminoglutethimide, in none of 3(More)
14 male patients with metastatic breast cancer received a total of 20 chemotherapeutic trials with 2 basic combination regimens, namely, variants of the Cooper's regimen CMFVP and adriamycin-containing combinations. Overall, a 35% response rate was observed. Our data suggest that cancer of the breast in the male is responsive to the same combinations used(More)
BACKGROUND The independent prognostic impact of diabetes mellitus (DM) and prediabetes mellitus (pre-DM) on survival outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure has been investigated in observational registries and randomized, clinical trials, but the results have been often inconclusive or conflicting. We examined the independent prognostic impact of(More)
711 Background: : MBC is an incurable disease with standard chemotherapy. HDC with autologous peripheral stem cells support is a controversial strategy to overcome drug resistance. Factors predicting survival are more important than treatment outcome in patients with MBC who receive standard endocrine or chemotherapy Methods: 74 patients with MBC, enrolled(More)
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