Beatrice Fraboni

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UNLABELLED In this paper we present the development of a mat-like pressure mapping system based on a single layer textile sensor and intended to be used in home environments for monitoring the physical condition of persons with limited mobility. The sensor is fabricated by embroidering silver-coated yarns on a light cotton fabric and creating(More)
GOAL To evaluate a novel kind of textile electrodes based on woven fabrics treated with PEDOT PSS, through an easy fabrication process, testing these electrodes for biopotential recordings. METHODS Fabrication is based on raw fabric soaking in PEDOT PSS using a second dopant, squeezing and annealing. The electrodes have been tested on human(More)
UNLABELLED Despite surface electrodes technology for biopotential recording is well established, different researches are aimed at overcoming the limitations exhibited by the available solutions. In this paper, a proposal for the low-cost development of textile electrodes based on woven fabrics treated with polymer poly-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene doped with(More)
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