Beatrice Costa

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We conducted a study on the factors predictive of early mortality (within 30 days of onset of symptoms) in a clinical series of 94 patients at their first stroke. Irrespective of the type of stroke, ischemic or hemorrhagic, early mortality proved to correlate with clinical parameters, such as coma at onset, presence of paralysis, changes in ocular motility,(More)
In urology, the main use for the robotic technique has been in radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Robotic surgery for other organs, such as the kidneys and bladder, has been less explored. However, partial nephrectomy or radical nephroureterectomy can be difficult for inexperienced laparoscopic surgeons. The advent of the da Vinci robot, with(More)
A rare form of secondary parkinsonism has been recently described as 'hemiparkinsonism-hemiatrophy syndrome'. We report a case with such clinical features. A neurophysiological study of the evoked potentials, somatosensory and motor, has been conducted. We stress the neuroradiological findings at nuclear magnetic resonance, which documented the presence of(More)
We describe a case of continuous motor unit potential (MUP) activity of central origin (unlike stiff man syndrome and progressive encephalomyelitis) characterized clinically by rigidity, painful muscle spasms, abnormal postures and spinal myoclonus. The topography of the manifestations, the subacute and benign course, the presence of stable sequels 2 years(More)
A man who had had an episode of localized encephalitis, diagnosed as viral cerebellitis in childhood came to observation at the age of 23 for attacks of segmental myoclonus of the cervical axial musculature. BAEP changes at brainstem level in this case point to involvement of the Guillain-Mollaret triangle in the pathogenesis of this syndrome.
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