Beatrice Calabrese

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Partially or completely paralyzed patients can benefit from Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in which a continuous recording of electroencephalogram (EEG) is required, operating some processing and classification to control a computer or other devices. Patients are so allowed to control external devices or to communicate simple messages through the computer,(More)
Often the forensic document examiners encounter cases where the ink of handwriting interferes with other writings. In these cases, a serious problem is to distinguish and to separate the different color components. The purpose of this paper is shows an image processing method that could accomplish this task without use of expensive material/equipment or to(More)
This paper presents a novel implementation of a DSP based acquisition and elaboration system for vocal signals. The proposed system performs real time spectro-acustic analysis of acquired voice samples and gives a visual feedback to patients alerting them about the eventual presence of anomalies. The prototype will be used for rehabilitation purpose (after(More)
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