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BACKGROUND Imiquimod is an immune response modifier that up-regulates cytokines and has been shown in clinical studies to reduce or clear basal cell carcinoma tumors when applied topically. OBJECTIVE The objectives were to evaluate the efficacy of 5% imiquimod cream in treating basal cell carcinoma preceding excision by Mohs micrographic surgery and to(More)
BACKGROUND With the advent of tumescent liposuction, many advances in cosmetic surgery have occurred. Liposuction of excess adipose tissue from the submental area, jowls, and neck, along with cold steel surgery, has become an attractive alternative to the facelift for cervicomental aesthetic surgery. OBJECTIVE To describe new techniques for tumescent neck(More)
CASE DESCRIPTION A patient aged 31 was admitted to the Ward because of hoarseness and difficulties in breathing. Family case history was negative. Personal case history shows pneumonia and jaundice. Hoarseness occurred suddenly, four months earlier, and did not change until hospitalization. The patient occasionally woke up for air loss. He first came for(More)
A retrospective analysis is presented of laryngomicroscopic examinations in the period 1984-1993. Examinations were performed on 577 patients of different age and of both sexes. In 449 patients histopathologic examination revealed pathologic changes of the tissue, whereas in 128 patients histopathologic analysis was not performed. By statistical data(More)
This paper reviews basic epidemiologic characteristics of 1549 changes located on face, neck and lips and surgically treated at the ORL Department of the General hospital in Subotica during the period 1981-1990. We analyzed the following parameters: frequency of certain diseases, their distribution according to the studied period of time, sex and age(More)
The authors report their own longtime experience with the incidence of pediatric otitis with allergic etiology. They conclude that pediatric otitis, especially the secretory type, is not always curable by the common conservative antibiotic therapy because in many cases the primary cause of the disease is not the infection but allergy. The infection in such(More)
The authors review their experiences in the treatment of secretory otitis in children. They detected a significantly higher number of positive allergometric tests to standard groups of inhalation allergens than expected. The patients were divided into two groups; in the first group the allergometric test was negative, in the second positive. The(More)
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