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In Golgi-Cox impregnated parietal cortex (regio postcentralis) of two children (20 months of age or 6 years of age) with Down's syndrome the pyramidal neurons of lamina III and V were investigated qualitatively and quantitatively. Fives types of pyramidal neurons were classified and compared statistically. As parameters for characterizing pyramidal neurons(More)
Large-scale genomic studies have made major progress in identifying genetic risk variants for schizophrenia. A key finding from these studies is that there is an increased burden of genomic copy number variants (CNVs) in schizophrenia cases compared with controls. The mechanism through which these CNVs confer risk for the symptoms of schizophrenia, however,(More)
Multiple cell types involved in the regulation of angiogenesis express Wnt ligands. Although β-catenin dependent and independent Wnt signaling pathways have been shown to control angiogenesis, the contribution of individual cell types to activate these downstream pathways in endothelial cells (ECs) during blood vessel formation is still elusive. To(More)
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