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BACKGROUND Genome-wide transcript profiling and analyses of enzyme activities from central carbon and nitrogen metabolism show that transcript levels undergo marked and rapid changes during diurnal cycles and after transfer to darkness, whereas changes in activities are smaller and delayed. In the starchless pgm mutant, where sugars are depleted every(More)
Total quality in laboratory medicine should be defined as the guarantee that each activity throughout the total testing process is correctly performed, providing valuable medical decision-making and effective patient care. In the past decades, a 10-fold reduction in the analytical error rate has been achieved thanks to improvements in both reliability and(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolomics is a valuable tool with applications in almost all life science areas. There is an increasing awareness of the essential need for high-quality biospecimens in studies applying omics technologies and biomarker research. Tools to detect effects of both blood and plasma processing are a key for assuring reproducible and credible(More)
The study objective was to evaluate nutritional metabolomics in support of companion animal nutrition. The specific purpose was to identify metabolites that differed significantly (q-value < 0.05) in the 23 h fasted plasma metabolome of healthy adult female neutered cats (n = 14) and dogs (n = 14) following 2 weeks adaptation to a single batch of diet,(More)
Integrated analysis of metabolomics, transcriptomics and immunohistochemistry can contribute to a deeper understanding of biological processes altered in cancer and possibly enable improved diagnostic or prognostic tests. In this study, a set of 254 metabolites was determined by gas-chromatography/liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in matched malignant(More)
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