Beate Heuser

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OBJECTIVE AND METHODS The crucial symptom of atopic eczema is itch. Acupuncture has been shown to exhibit a significant effect on experimental itch; however, studies focusing on clinical itch in atopic eczema and corresponding mechanisms are lacking. The study design was a unicenter, single-blinded (observer), prospective, randomized clinical pilot trial(More)
The fraction of delayed neutrons in a moderated beam from the enriched uranium, pulsed spallation source at the intense pulsed neutron source at Argonne National Laboratory has been measured and found to be 0.0283 for 450-MeV protons. Delayed neutrons produce a sample-dependent background in time-of-flight instruments . Because of the distribution of(More)
Pathologic changes of the intranodal angioarchitecture, as displayed by colour Doppler sonography, were used in recent studies to predict malignant infiltration of superficial lymph nodes. We searched for the underlying histopathologic findings in a prospective study including 100 lymph nodes in 86 patients. In the histopathologic specimens, we evaluated(More)
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