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This study compared indirect blood pressure measurements using a non-invasive method, high-definition oscillometry (HDO), with direct measurements using a radio-telemetry device in awake cats. Paired measurements partitioned to five sub-ranges were collected in six cats using both methods. The results were analysed for assessment of correlation and(More)
BACKGROUND Current approaches for accurate blood pressure determination rely predominantly on invasive techniques. High Definition Oscillometry (HDO) was evaluated as a potential non-invasive approach for accurate blood pressure recordings in cynomolgus monkeys. METHODS In conscious animals, systolic, diastolic, mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure has become increasingly important in research. High-Definition Oscillometry (HDO) delivers not only accurate, reproducible and thus reliable blood pressure but also visualises the pulse waves on screen. This allows for on-screen feedback in real time on data validity but even more on additional parameters like(More)
Two arm and two leg nerves in each of a group of healthy subjects were stimulated electrically and the muscle action potentials were taken from the corresponding regions by surface electrodes. Volumetrically conducted potentials appeared in almost all cases, and other nerves were stimulated at the same time in many cases. The resultant errors in the(More)
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