Beate Dobrinski

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We have used purified RSF1010 mobilization proteins to reproduce in vitro a strand-specific nicking at the plasmid origin of transfer, oriT. In the presence of Mg2+, the proteins MobA (78-kDa form of RSF1010 DNA primase), MobB, and MobC and supercoiled or linear duplex oriT DNA form large amounts of a cleavage complex, which is characterized by its(More)
A 7 kb chromosomal DNA fragment from R. melilotii was cloned, which complemented temperature-sensitivity of an E. coli amber mutant in rpsA, the gene for ribosomal protein S1 (ES1). From complementation and maxicell analysis a 58 kd protein was identified as the homolog of protein S1 (RS1). DNA sequence analysis of the R. melilotii rpsA gene identified a(More)
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