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In this paper we derive a bound on the rate of change of the gravita-tional constant G coming from the pulsating white dwarf G117-B15A. This star is a ZZ Ceti pulsator extensively studied with astroseismolog-ical techniques for last three decades. The most recent determination of ˙ P = (2.3 ± 1.4) × 10 −15 ss −1 for the 215.2 s fundamental mode agrees very(More)
A national survey of alumni of AUPHA programs from the classes of 1983, 1984, and 1985 was undertaken to assess their experiences in management information systems education, both formally and on the job. The survey covered 38 AUPHA graduate member programs and resulted in 1,181 responses. Over 40 percent of the alumni indicated that they had had an(More)
Glucagon-induced growth hormone (GH) secretion was studied in healthy subjects under basal conditions (n = 18), and when treated with TRH (n = 10), cyproheptadine (n = 8) and pimozide (n = 6). With glucagon alone, the mean serum GH level significantly increased at 150 minutes and at 180 minutes. TRH administered as a bolus injection completely suppressed(More)