Beata M. Lobert

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This paper presents un early attempt at developing a framework for studying organizational creativity in the IS domain. A managerial model of organizational creativity is proposed, tying together organizational inputs, creative processes, creative outputs and organizational outcomes based on research in organizational creativity, organizational innovation(More)
This paper discusses not only the nature and causes of barriers arising from cultural dtfserences when developing and implementing information systems. It alsodiscusses the ways to cross these barriers when introducing information technology (IT). It is based on the experiences of the authors in crossing such barriers when doing systems development workfor(More)
types of teamwork, and by allowing learning to be a continuous, time-independent process utilizing electronic media and electronic resources. In addition, as the Internet and especially the World Wide Web (WWW) also promise to revolutionize the dynamics of commerce, the VLE is intended to provide business students with an opportunity to develop a cursory(More)
As information technology continues to transform the work place, developing business-relevant skills through traditional classroom instruction becomes increasingly more complex. Globalization of the business environment leads to the need for increased ability to collaborate on projects across borders. One technological application which may be able to(More)
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