Beata Lesniak-Plewinska

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Determination of the mechanical properties of the myocardium is crucial for cardiac diagnosis. Cardiac strain and strain rate imaging may enable such quantification. To further develop these methodologies, an experimental setup allowing the recording of ultrasonic deformation data in a reproducible manner is necessary. Such setup with biventricular(More)
Automatic quantification of regional left ventricular deformation in volumetric ultrasound data remains challenging. Many methods have been proposed to extract myocardial motion, including techniques using block matching, phase-based correlation, differential optical flow methods, and image registration. Our lab previously presented an approach based on(More)
Low homogeneity is the main issue of Polyvinyl Alcohol Cryogel phantoms used in medical imaging. To address this problem we verify how addition of glycerol influence properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol Cryogel phantoms in magnetic resonance imaging. We study following factors: glycerol concentration, cryogel concentration and number of freeze-thaw cycles. We(More)
The identification of a sub-endocardial infarction is of major interest in cardiology. This study evaluates the sensitivity of selected measures to the thickness of such an infarction. Synthetic ultrasonic data (long-axis view) of left ventricular models with inclusions were generated using Field II and meshes obtained from finite-element simulations, which(More)
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