Beata Kruk

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The neurotrophins nerve growth factor (NGF), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), neurotrophin-3 (NT3), and NT4/5 are all found in the developing cerebellum. Granule cells, the major target neurons of mossy fibers, express BDNF during mossy fiber synaptogenesis. To determine whether neurotrophins contribute to the development of cerebellar afferent(More)
Most axons in the CNS innervate specific subregions or layers of their target regions and form contacts with specific types of target neurons, but the molecular basis of this process is not well understood. To determine whether collapsin-1/semaphorin-III/D, a molecule known to repel specific axons, might guide afferent axons within their cerebellar targets,(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of liver damage due to steroid consumption is increasing due to the omnipresence of the idealized body image and the widespread availability of drugs via the Internet. The genetic factors underlying individual susceptibility are not presently known. CASE PRESENTATION A male patient developed cholestatic liver injury two weeks(More)
Determination of the optimum harvest window plays a key role in the agro-food chain as the quality of fruit depends on the right harvesting time and appropriate storage conditions during the postharvest period. Usually, indices based on destructive measurements are used for this purpose, like the De Jager Index (PFW-1), FARS index and the most popular(More)
Hypothalamic temperature thresholds for vasodilatory and respiratory reactions were determined before and after i.c.v. injection of pyrogen in rabbits. During the rising phase of fever the increases in the hypothalamic thresholds for vasodilatory and respiratory reactions differed from those found in the pre-pyrogen preoptic anterior hypothalamic area(More)
With the aid of a heater implanted into the hypothalamus, the temperature was raised in the medial preoptic area of the rabbit hypothalamus; Vasodilatation was observed at that in the helix and in the nose skin. The heat emanated during this response was measured with the aid of a dynamic biocalorimeter. The amplification coefficient in the thermoregulation(More)
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