Beata Klejevskaja

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A series of substituted salicylaldehyde dibenzyl semicarbazones [RC6H3(OH)CH=N-NHCON(CH2Ph)2] and their copper(II) complexes were synthesized and characterized. The chloridocopper(II) complexes of the 4-OH and 5-OH substituted ligands (complexes 9 and 7) show modest affinity and good selectivity (over duplex DNA) for the quadruplex formed from the human(More)
The formation of quadruple-stranded DNA induced by planar metal complexes has particular interest in the development of novel anticancer drugs. This is especially relevant for the inhibition of telomerase, which plays an essential role in cancer cell immortalization and is overexpressed in ca. 85-90% of cancer cells. Moreover, G-quadruplexes also exist in(More)
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