Beata Bosiacka

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There are many reports of the positive effect of yerba mate on the human body. Elemental composition analysis of yerba mate revealed the presence of many microelements and macroelements, but there is no literature data referencing the content and the effect of the method of preparing the yerba mate infusion on the amount of released fluoride and thus the(More)
Effects of pond size and isolation on total vascular plant species richness and number of obligate wetland species were compared. Subsequently, the potential for the presence of spatial patterns in wetland species distribution among ponds in an agricultural landscape was explored. Relationships between species richness and two main biogeographic parameters(More)
The aim of the study was to determine functional relationships between composition of air spora and meteorological factors, using multivariate statistical technique: canonical correspondence analysis (CCA). Analyses were conducted for the data collected during the 4 year (2007–2010) and, in order to show the dynamics of such relationships, for each year(More)
This growing interest in the cultivation of Japanese quince Chaenomeles japonica L. results from the potentially beneficial properties of its fruit. Fresh fruits are very firm and too acidic to eat raw, but their bioactive components, distinctive aroma, and high amount of dietary fiber make the fruits well suited for industrial processing. However, not all(More)
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