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Peptidic spacers, 0.4 and 2 nm in length, were used to couple ferrocene moieties to streptavidin. The resulting conjugates were immobilised on electrode surfaces using biotin binding. The electron transfer through multilayers of the conjugates is strongly dependent on the length of the spacer between the protein and the attached ferrocene. A monolayer of(More)
By activating SiH bonds, poly(hydromethylsiloxane) can be covalently bound in a first step to various metal or polymer surfaces. In a second step, unreacted SiH bonds can be brought to react with organic compounds having adequate functional groups such as double or triple bonds, carbonyl or hydroxyl groups. This scheme is used to bind biorecognition groups(More)
Medical symptoms independent of body location burden individuals to varying degrees and may require care by more than one expert. Various paper and computer-based tools exist that aim to comprehensively capture data for optimal clinical management and research. A web-based interdisciplinary symptom evaluation (WISE) was newly designed, constructed, and(More)
Conjugates of avidin with ferrocene and with microperoxidase 8 have been used as electrochemically active molecular building blocks. Assemblies of the conjugates with biotinylated glucose oxidase or lactate oxidase on gold electrodes were tested as enzyme sensors for glucose and lactate. The electrochemical detection is based either on ferrocene-mediated(More)
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