Beat Pfarrer

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We describe an angiotensin (Ang) II-containing innervation of the kidney. Cryosections of rat, pig and human kidneys were investigated for the presence of Ang II-containing nerve fibers using a mouse monoclonal antibody against Ang II (4B3). Co-staining was performed with antibodies against synaptophysin, tyrosine 3-hydroxylase, and dopamine(More)
In this paper some helicoid species from eastern Algeria are investigated using a morphological and molecular approach. The investigation of the genital organs of M. massylaea (Morelet, 1851), the type species of the genus Massylaea Möllendorff, 1898, showed the same autapomorphic character states as are considered typical for Eobania P. Hesse, 1913. These(More)
In order to clarify the systematic position of Helix latastei Letourneux in Letourneux & Bourguignat, 1887, and Helix latasteopsis Letourneux & Bourguignat, 1887, a comprehensive approach using morphological and molecular methods is presented. The investigation of the genital organs of both species showed that they belong to the genus Xerocrassa(More)
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